Renewal of ROKU-ROKU website

Renewal of ROKU-ROKU website
ROKU-ROKU SMART TECHNOLOGY has updated its corporate website.
We are actively pursuing digital transformation, with the aim of making our corporate activities more efficient than ever. As part of this undertaking, we have updated our corporate website. With our new website, we intend to convey Roku-Roku’s true direction and values to our customers.
We greatly appreciate you visiting our updated website, and hope that you share your opinions and impressions with us.
ROKU-ROKU SMART TECHNOLOGY will continue to make all manner of technological innovations and proposals, in order to benefit you the customer. We humbly request your continued support in our endeavors.

We will continue to refine our ideas, think more broadly, and pursue the very limits of performance,

by developing innovative technology, and realizing the pinnacle in micro fine machining.

We do not aim for these goals to simply boast of our knowledge, abilities, or achievements as pioneers.

“Only when individuals combine their strengths and qualities, and motivate each other, can they become truly strong.”

Rather, we aim to be a leading company in micro fine machining,

with the soul of a machining artist.

We will undauntedly take on new challenges to achieve our singular purpose of a

“vision for micro machining centers”.

We share sensibilities with machining artists and continue meeting demands

Realize the form as it was imagined, with the high precision that is required.

Readily accept the intentions of Machining Artists and faithfully reproduce this in the finished work.

The mission of micro fine machining is to be the perfect tool,

with the potential to realize desired precision which would otherwise seem reckless.

ROKU-ROKU SMART TECHNOLOGY micro machining centers are carefully finished one at a time at our factory in Shizuoka,

and delivered to your atelier.

We unite the four elements: optimal tools, optimal CAM, optimal environment, and optimal micro machining center. When the sensibility of Machining Artists is imbued with these elements, we can create a truly breathtaking masterpiece unlike any other.

ROKU-ROKU SMART TECHNOLOGY’s innovation in the field of micro machining centers goes beyond “Monozukuri”. We also continue to stimulate the sensibilities of Machining Artist through the integration of “Monozukuri” and “Kotozukuri”. This includes pursuing potential through synergy and information exchange with online and AI technology and software, and by advocating machining art culture.

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